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Looking for a freight forwarding company in the Philippines?

Looking for a forwarding company in Philippines? We are here!

TopUniverse is one of the most reliable freight forwarding companies in Philippines. With years of experience, best-in-class technology, and a dedicated in-house team of experts, we have been serving big and small businesses to help them grow overseas. We not only help you transport your goods from one end of the world to another but also add value to your supply chain.

Choose from our cargo services in Philippines

We operate as a local freight forwarder in Philippines and hence have a strong presence across the country to cater to all your shipping needs.
Air cargo shipping to and from Philippines

Air freight

We understand how important it is to restock your warehouse during the festive season or how critical it is to transport those temperature-sensitive products. That is why we have a solid alliance with the best air carriers that deliver your air cargo to the Philippines timely and securely.

Why choose us as your next air cargo company in Philippines?



We provide cost-effective air freight solutions that match your shipping requisites without compromising the quality. Moreover, our air cargo rates to the Philippines are competitive, and we don’t levy any hidden charges or fees, which ultimately means that you can stick to your tight logistics budget.

Tailored solutions

very business differs from each other, and so do its shipping requirements. We at TopUniverse is one such air freight forwarder in Philippines that offers completely customizable freight solutions. From packaging to warehousing, freight consolidation or deconsolidation to door to door cargo to Philippines, we do it all.

Direct Services

We operate on multiple direct air shipping routes to and from the Philippines and connect to major ports worldwide. This helps us cut the transit time, avoid transshipment and deliver your air freight quickly.

Check out our most popular air shipping routes to and from the Philippines

  • Air Cargo Qatar to Philippines
  • Air Cargo to Philippines from USA
  • Air Freight Australia to Philippines
  • Air Cargo from Canada to Philippines
  • Air Cargo Canada to Philippines
  • Air Cargo US to Philippines
  • Air Cargo Kuwait to Philippines
  • Air Freight from China to Philippines
  • Air Cargo Italy to Philippines
  • Air Cargo Thailand to Philippines
  • Air Cargo Australia to Philippines
  • Air Freight Dubai to Philippines

Want to compare quotes to find the best rates?

Sea cargo services to and from Philippines

Sea Freight

Our sea cargo service is ideal for shippers who want to transport goods via ocean to save money without compromising transit time. We schedule tens of direct shipments each week, putting your supply chain management under your control. Also, we offer competitive sea cargo rates in Philippines and manage your shipment from the start to the end.

Benefits you get when you ship via sea cargo to Philippines


Hassle-free transportation

We take care of packaging, getting the customs cleared, monitoring your sea cargo right from the destination to the final arrival at the seaport so that you have complete peace of mind. To make it even easier for you, we also provide door to door cargo service in Philippines.

Exclusive sea freight to Philippines

You don’t have to worry about shipping hazardous materials, break-bulk, or perishable items anymore. Our expertise lies in shipping heavy machinery, oversized freight, chemicals, and temperature-controlled goods via sea freight cargo from Philippines to any corner of the world.

Quick delivery and innovative solutions

Our fleet of sea carriers is well connected to all the major inland ports. We accomplish speedy and safe deliveries as we operational at thousands of port points worldwide. We always pace up with the growing demand for technology and develop groundbreaking sea freight solutions.

Check out our most popular sea freight routes to and from the Philippines

  • Sea freight from philippines to australia
  • Sea cargo from saudi to philippines
  • Sea cargo from usa to philippines
  • Sea freight from malaysia to philippines
  • Sea cargo from philippines to usa
  • Sea freight from philippines to usa
  • Sea cargo taiwan to philippines
  • Sea cargo thailand to philippines

Transport your sea freight cargo to Philippines and save up to 20% on logistics

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