A Step-by-Step Guide to Customs Clearance in India

A Step-by-Step Guide to Customs Clearance in India

Custom is a procedure of formal documentation required in the import and export of goods in and outside the country. In India, we have several customs authorities to deal with the documentation and the whole process. Here the importer and exporter of the goods have to submit valid documents to clarify this procedure. Let’s have a look at some of the must take steps for customs clearance in India.

India Customs Clearance Procedure

In India, once the goods are received, a prescribed custom process is followed. Let’s know what those are.

  • Vessel Calling

    Once vessels arrive in the territory of India, the freight forwarder makes sure that the pilot of the vessel calls the vessels at the port of customs. If the goods are brought through air transport, then the freight forwarder makes sure the pilot carries out the whole responsibility related to the calling process. In this case, the importer doesn’t need to get involved and the whole process will be carried out by the airline or ship line.

  • The Import General Manifest (IGM)

    Filling Import General Manifest electronically becomes the responsibility of the person who is responsible for importing goods to India. The shipping company ensures it includes the complete information of all the goods imported by the vessel to its destination.

  • Post Verification of Import General Manifest

    The customs authorities grant you entry to the vessels once the Import General Manifest is reviewed and the documents are verified. The forwarder proceeds with the process of the authorities when the vessels enter the customs port with a unique Import General Manifest (IGM) number to the manifest. The entire shipping team helps the master of the vessel to get permission to unload the goods from the vessel.

  • Custody of Custodian

    When the forwarding agent receives the vessel, goods would remain under the custody of the custodian until it clears the custom procedure. A custodian is perhaps a person approved by the Principal Commissioner or Commissioner of Customs.

  • The Bill of Entry

    The freight forwarder then ensures the importer file a bill of entry (customs copy) electronically before the shipment arrives. A bill of entry includes the complete information about the duty and taxes on the goods as per the requirements. When a bill of entry is approved the importer is supposed to pay the requisite amount of GST. Which then will be entered in the Indian Customs Electronic Data Interchange System (ICEDIS) and a bill of entry number is generated.

    In any import customs clearance, the port officer permits the order and generates a duplicate and triplicate bill of entry. The duplicate bill of entry is issued as the importer’s copy and the triplicate bill of entry is an exchange control copy. This later is handed over to the authorized person.

  • Delivery of Goods

    The shipping agent makes sure the goods are safely handed over to the importer out for delivery by showing the customs clearances to the port officers. If in any case the cargo is deposited to the warehouse, then the importer is given another bill of entry. The other bill of entry is named the ex-bond bill of entry for the cargo clearance.

What Places are Customs Clearance Services Required?

  • Place where the goods are unloaded for imports
  • Place where the goods are loaded for exports
  • Sea Ports
  • Airports and Ports
  • Places with Inland import of goods
  • Land Custom Stations
  • Coastal Ports
  • International Terminals in Airports
  • International Courier Services in Airports

Documents Required for Customs Clearance Services

For Import
  • Bill of Entry
  • Airway Bill (Airline)
  • Bill of Lading (Shipline)
  • Import License
  • Letter of Credit or Purchase Order
  • Information of the goods (If required)
  • Excise Duty
  • Other License if any
  • Import Export Certificate
  • DGFT Declaration
For Export
  • Customs Declaration
  • Commercial Invoice
  • IEC Certificate
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Packaging List
  • Shipment Certificate

Is a Customs Clearance Agent Needed?

It is not necessary to hire a clearance agent if you understand the policies and guidelines to submit the required documents on your own. People get in touch with TopUniverse, a customs clearance company, to avoid errors or they lack information regarding this process. To make customs clearances easy and stress-free, search for a customs clearance agent near me. TopUniverse provides the best shipping services within-budget customs clearance charges.

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