Air Freight or Ocean Freight- How to ship from India to the USA?

Air Freight or Ocean Freight- How to ship from India to the USA?

India and the United States are two of the world’s most powerful manufacturing nations. Shipping freight between the two countries is a long journey from dispatch to delivery, however, with both having such huge consumer markets, numerous enterprises consider shipping from India to the USA as crucial to their business.

This article should come in handy whether you’re in charge of logistics for such a company or working for a startup that’s preparing its first shipment from India to the US. It offers helpful information about shipping from India to the USA rates by air and ocean.

You’ll find profiles of key ports and airports in the two countries, as well as information about transit times, customs clearance, and plenty of handy tips for the ocean and air freight shipping from India to the USA.

What is India to USA shipping cost per kg?

To provide you with an insight about shipping costs from India to the USA, your freight forwarder will certainly take into account the following factors:

  • The nature of the cargo
  • The shipment’s size, weight, and volume
  • Which kind of transportation do you prefer? (FCL, LCL, or air freight)
  • The preferred origin and destination ports
  • The kind of delivery service that has been requested (such as Port-to-Port or Door-to-Door)

Shipping charges from India to the USA may vary according to the ocean or air freight if you are shipping goods with an overall weight of 100kgs or fewer.  Ocean shipment is often more cost-effective than air freight for consignments weighing more than 100 kilos.

  • Approximate ocean shipping charges from India to USA are around $265 per cbm(volume) or cargo weight whichever is higher.
  • Approximate India to USA air shipping cost per kg is around INR 500/kg.

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What’s the timeframe for shipping to the USA from India?

If your shipment is going to a port on the West Coast of the United States, it will most likely travel over the Pacific Ocean, but freight going to ports on the East and South Coasts of the United States would most likely travel across the Atlantic Ocean.

Cargo shipping from India to the USA is a long process. It needs approximately 28 and 67 days of transit. The transit time is determined by the ports you choose, the carrier’s route, and whether you choose LCL or FCL shipment. In three to eight days, cargo may be transported from India to The USA via Air. If you are in a hurry, then ship your goods via air. Shipping by air is the most convenient and quick way to transport your goods across borders.

Should You Choose Ocean Freight or Air Freight while international shipping from India to the USA?

Ocean Freight

It takes several weeks to transport a shipping container from the USA to India. A trans-Pacific shipping route will be used by a ship sailing to India from a west-coast port such as Los Angeles, Seattle, or San Francisco. Ships sailing from ports around the United States’ southern and eastern coasts, such as Miami, New York, and Savannah, will cross the Atlantic.

In either case, it’s a long voyage that might take anywhere from 30 to 56 days depending on whether you choose LCL or FCL ocean freight services.

Your freight will most likely be sent to India by an ocean carrier in a normal container onboard a cargo vessel, regardless of where it originates in the United States.

Air Freight

If you’re exporting from India to the United States, air freight is likely to be the best option.

  • Your items are urgently needed in the United States.
  • Your cargo is perishable or fragile, such as plants, flowers, or food.
  • You want to pay a cheaper insurance price than if you were shipping by ocean.
  • Your cargo is valuable, requiring the high security used by airport operators.
  • You just have a small consignment to ship—maybe three pallets at most.
Are there any trade restrictions for India to USA shipping?

During the Covid-19 outbreak, USA and India were among the worst-affected countries. However, commodities and services continue to flow freely between the two nations, and commercial relations have improved. This is thanks to a collaboration in which the two countries provided crucial medicine to battle Covid-19. Under President Joe Biden, the relationship is projected to grow even more, as both nations look forward to reinvigorating their economies once again. Customs clearance rules and regulations apply to all exports from the United States to India. The process is complicated and, if not strictly adhered to, can lead to delays. TopUniverse can certainly help you in this process.

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